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Is There Proof of 
West Nile Virus in NYC?

by Robert Lederman
(718) 743-3722
August 16, 2000



Are you convinced that there is a West Nile Virus crisis in NYC? Has it been proven to you? Are you so sure that the insecticides being used are safe you will let the Mayor spray you, your home and your family with toxic nerve gas?

Webster's Dictionary defines proof:

         1. Evidence that compels acceptance by the mind of a truth or a fact. 

         2. Something that induces certainty or establishes the validity of an assertion or charge.

The standard of proof required in various professions is quite different. Scientists seek absolute pproof that can be recreated at any time, by any qualified scientist in any laboratory. At the oppositopposite extreme, a messenger just needs a receipt to prove something was delivered. In NYC we are being asked to take the Mayor's word as the proof of the existence of WNV and the safety of the spray.

Scientifically acceptable proof of there being a West Nile crisis in NYC is non-existent; the names, blood samples and tissue samples of the alleged victims are not available to a single independent scientist for peer review, confirmation or testing. Neither are the blood or tissue samples of a single allegedly-infected bird or mosquito. There is not a scientific panel or professional journal in the world that would consider presenting such un-confirmable evidence.

That the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) admits it changed its report on the carcinogenicity of Malathion at the last minute directly and solely as a result of lobbying by Cheminova, the manufacturer of Malathion, or that the EPA bases its evaluations of the toxicity of pesticides solely on studies done by the chemical manufacturers themselves or that many EPA officials are either current, former or future pesticide manufacturing executives should discredit virtually anything the EPA says in support of the safety claims of pesticides.

That most people will not keel over in convulsions and die after a whiff of Anvil is not proof of it being safe. Even a chemical like Zyklon-B-the insecticide used in the Nazi death camps-had to be applied in a sealed room to be effective. Presumably, the EPA might even declare Zyklon-B as "safe" if used in an open area.

The long term effects on humans exposed to these chemicals may surface years later causing birth defects, cancer, cognitive difficulties and depression. Most of the immediately effects will be diagnosed as asthma or allergy attacks and treated accordingly. They will not be recorded as the effects of pesticide exposure when patients arrive in emergency rooms for treatment because the City has deliberately made no effort to document reactions to the spraying.

How much poison gas do you want to be exposed to? The answer for anyone with common sense is-none. If it came down to a real epidemic with people becoming infected everywhere they could spray the entire City in a day. To spray large swatches of the City repeatedly, in many instances based on nothing more than a single dead crow, is creating a public health disaster not preventing one. It is becoming increasingly difficult to believe that the officials driving this policy are making an honest well-intentioned mistake rather than committing a deliberate act against the public interest.

The role of Oravax, the commercial vaccine manufacturer directly connected to the major players in this issue-the CDC, the Ft. Dietrick bio-warfare lab, Plum Island, former OEM chief Jerry Hauer and Mayor Giuliani-remains unexamined in the media yet Oravax stands to make billions from its West Nile Virus vaccine if WNV hysteria continues to spread. That Oravax was developing a WNV vaccine before the 1999 outbreak, that its VP went to Washington with Jerry Hauer and the head of Rockefeller University in 1998 to pressure President Clinton to stockpile billions of dollars worth of vaccines or that according to the NY Times, Oravax's stock value had lost 90% of its value-making a mosquito-born epidemic the only chance of company survival-are clues of significance that might prove a financial angle to WNV.

Not one mainstream reporter has explored the connection between various research institutions and this "epidemic". Rockefeller-funded labs such as Rockefeller University in Manhattan have been experimenting with WNV for decades. The Chase Bank/Rockefeller funded CIA-founded Manhattan Institute (MI) and associated MI scholars and reporters like Peter Huber and ABC's John Stossel are part of a concerted campaign to counter 50 years of evidence that pesticides and chemicals cause disease. MI just happens to be where both GW Bush-a major promoter of pesticide use in Texas-and Mayor Giuliani admit to getting virtually all of their policy ideas.

The connection between Rockefeller and pesticides goes way back. Rockefeller's Standard Oil was partners with IG Farben, the Nazi chemical conglomerate which invented the organophosphate nerve gasses like Malathion that are among those being used in NY. Petroleum products are the base ingredients in the manufacturing of many of these pesticides. The four companies that IG Farben was broken up into following WWII-Bayer, Hoechst, BASF and Agfa-Gevaert-are today the world's leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies. They spend millions lobbying American and European officials in order to keep their products from being removed from the marketplace or effectively regulated. Prescription drugs and pesticides injure and kill far more people each year than would die in a hundred year long world-wide WNV epidemic.

Most people think medical studies proving that pharmaceutical products and chemicals like Anvil are safe can be trusted. Few realize that, as was recently exposed on a 7/31/2000 CBS special, doctors who conduct these studies receive as much as $20,000 per patient from the drug and chemical manufacturers just for enrolling people as test subjects.

That Rockefeller-funded organizations are at the forefront of population control and Eugenics programs cannot be overlooked in this context considering that miscarriage, infertility, endocrine-disruption and various forms of cancer are known effects of exposure to the pesticides being used. Nor can the fact that NYC area bio-warfare facilities have been genetically-altering WNV, experimenting with it, injecting it in human and bird subjects, selling samples of it to governments as questionable in their motives as Iraq and raising mosquitoes deliberately infected with WNV in facilities in NYC, NJ, Md. and in many third-world labs.

While these facts are not absolute scientific proof of a deliberate effort to promulgate West Nile Virus or to create a public demand for a vaccine it is certainly far more compelling proof than the Mayor or the CDC have presented in support of their explanations.

When a corporation is sued regarding exploding gas tanks, defective tires that disintegrate at highway speeds or baby clothes that burst into flames they point to statistics to prove the relative safety of their products. We sold thirty million of those and only fifty people died, they will claim, as proof that the item is safe.

Based on that kind of proof West Nile Virus, which the CDC claims killed seven out of more than 30 million people in the NYC area last year during a so-called epidemic, is also safe. Based on statistics WNV is safer than aspirin, any vaccine, driving a car, using an airbag or showering. Statistically, the NYPD (America's most restrained police force according to Giuliani) is far more deadly for New York residents than WNV.

If one were to use only the information on the NYC Department of Health website [] in analyzing the relative risk factors of WNV and the pesticide nerve gasses being used, there can be no other conclusion than that the pesticides are more dangerous than WNV. The virus is described as mild, very difficult to become infected by and a disease that most people who are infected with will recover from without any treatment and without any symptoms. The Health Department's announcements urge asthma suffers-of which NYC has the nation's largest population numbering more than one million-to be especially careful to avoid exposure. The pesticide labels describe them as dangerous toxic substances that should not be inhaled, exposed to the skin, eyes or clothing or allowed to contact water, food or wildlife. Thousands of studies-including those conducted by the pesticide manufacturers themselves and the National Institutes of Health-show links between these chemicals and various diseases, nerve damage, liver damage and developmental damage in children and young animals.

The testing these studies are based on is virtually all done on rats-creatures known for their ability to live in the filthiest and most diseased environments on earth. Rats are known to be able to survive exposure to substances such as anthrax that minor exposure to might kill any human. In other words, if Anvil can cause disease in rats the likelihood is that humans are far more vulnerable.

Not one mainstream reporter-despite the information being widely circulated to every newsroom in the City-has mentioned that a NY State Department of Health study printed in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association found that massive pesticide application as is being done in NYC causes a long-term 1500% increase in mosquitoes, a dramatic increase in mosquitoes infected with encephalitis and concluded that only mosquitoes exposed to pesticides appeared to be able to become infected with the viruses. That study alone would seem to prove that the spraying is intended to increase West Nile Virus.

In a trial that study would be called, exculpatory evidence, and the lawyers would be required by law to share it with the other side. In a scientific study, suppressing such information or not referring to it would discredit the entire conclusion of the study.

The reason there is such superficial coverage being done on this issue is not that the media thinks the public isn't interested in hearing anything besides the daily spray schedule. The reason is that if the facts were fairly discussed the public would rise up in self-defense against being sprayed as everyone who has these facts has done across the nation.

It is not enough to know we are being lied to by elected officials-which unfortunately most people are now so used to they barely notice it. We need to ask why are we being lied to about this. Who benefits and how? Who stands to lose if the spraying is not stopped and who is receiving the most exposure to the chemicals? 

Is everyone in NYC being equally exposed to these nerve gasses? At this time of year many of the City's wealthy residents-including most of our elected officials and their families-are out of town. It is not well-educated high-income residents of NYC that will be found standing around on the street in shorts and tee-shirts late at night allowing themselves to be sprayed or hanging out of the windows of their stiflingly hot apartments as the spray trucks go by. The evidence shows that the Mayor has taken extraordinary efforts to make sure that tourists are not exposed to the chemicals. While the media reports this fact, not one sentence has ever questioned the reason why. Is there a reason the Wall street area-which is right near a very large park-was not sprayed last year or this year? Do mosquitoes only live above 23rd Street?

When you hear Mayor Giuliani ridiculing anti-spray activists and calling them irresponsible environmental terrorists, you might think he is expressing his own opinion. You'd be wrong.

As in virtually all other viewpoints expressed by this administration during the past six years, the source is the CIA-originated Rockefeller-funded Manhattan Institute.

John Stossel, a well known 20/20 ABC investigative reporter who has recently become a focus of controversy due to a special he hosted that falsified test results of pesticide residues on organic vs. non-organic foods, has been promoting a viewpoint for years that ridicules concerns about pesticides and other chemical toxins. Stossel's reports would have us believe that exposure to pharmaceutical drugs, asbestos, pesticides, genetically-engineered foods, foods irradiated with radiation and industrial pollutants are not dangerous and that we are "scaring ourselves to death" over nothing. The source of Stossel's ideas on this topic? The Manhattan Institute [see F.A.I.R. report]

The Manhattan Institute's stable of authors includes Peter Huber, an apologist for major chemical companies like Monsanto, DuPont, Dow Chemical and Novartis. All of these companies have direct ties to the military and intelligence agencies. Huber argues that green activists, not the chemical companies manufacturing hundreds of millions of tons of poisons each year, are the real threat to the environment. Huber also strongly advocates against lawsuits by activists trying to stop these companies. While the average person has never heard of Huber or the Manhattan Institute those who decide policy for the entire United States read and follow every word from the MI-which is for all intents and purposes an extension of the U.S. intelligence community. [See for numerous samples of Huber's ideas and of the other viewpoints being promoted by this CIA front].

Doesn't the media have a professional obligation to explore this issue in the kind of detailed manner they explored the Mayor's prostate cancer or his affairs-or has the CIA directed them to report nothing more than the number of dead crows and the spray schedule?

NY Times August 16, 2000

U.S. Weighs Changes in Rules 
on Drug Research Conflicts

BETHESDA, Md., Aug. 15 -- The huge influx of money into biomedical research is creating unacceptable conflicts of interest for scientists and is eroding the public's trust in the data, scientists and officials said today at a government conference...Dr. Jane E. Henney, commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, said some researchers testing drugs or therapies have profitable arrangements with companies financing the research, raising the question of whether the data is unbiased...Dr. Thomas S. Bodenheimer of the University of California at San Francisco and a contributor to The New England Journal of Medicine, said today that he had spent a year reviewing literature and interviewing researchers and drug officials. What he found, Dr. Bodenheimer said, was that when drug companies paid for a trial of a new drug, 89 percent of the time, the studies found that the new drug was better than ones it was replacing. But when tests were done by scientists who were not paid by the company, the new drug received good marks only 61 percent of the time. He said he also found that some articles published in medical journals were written not by the researchers who conducted the studies but by a ghost writer at the company whose drug was being studied. In other cases, he said, well-known doctors were hired to be guest authors on studies they had not conducted. Dr. Bodenheimer cited a survey of six major medical journals in 1996 that found that of the 809 articles, 29 percent had guest authors, ghost authors, or both.

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