APPENDIX I-N:  Any Study of Aerial Spraying over Mesa County, CO, Is Illegal.


Tue Jun 26 21:00:28 MDT 2007

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Subject: Re: WNV Bldr report on meeting with state health today


wow -- thanks for getting this info from Brenda and sending it -- we

have a meeting tonite!



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Subject: Re: WNV Bldr report on meeting with state health today


On Sat, 16 Jun 2007 08:23:00 EDT writes:

      Hi Angela


Sorry I missed you on the phone.


What I think would be a vital point to make to your

commissioners is the fact that the Mesa County "study" is

not an accepted, ethical scientific study. It violates

EPA rules which prohibit testing of pesticides in

pregnant women and children. It also violates "Common

Rule" for ethical testing in humans. There was no informed

consent from the community to see if we were willing to

be sprayed with a pesticide to see if it stopped the

transmission of West Nile. The other requirement for any

ethical study is an independent board review. That's how

all ethical medical research is done. These facts would

preclude the EPA from accepting this flawed "study"

proving spraying a pesticide stops West Nile virus. Call

the CDC and ask them about a study that proves that (just

don't call Roger Nasci; call the main headquarters).

There are no studies. See EPA website for more details

about testing of pesticides in humans.


Also, be sure to let them know the outcome of the NYC

lawsuit for when they were sprayed. Let them know what

the city now has to say about the pesticides, and that

thousands have been sickened and others have died, from

pesticide-related damages. Remind them that they and the

applicators are legally responsible for any pesticide

damages, not the manufacturer.


Now that Gov. Ritter recognizes MCS is real, remind them

that Dr. Pape knows nothing about this "disease" and has

not been trained in the specialty of Environmental

Medicine. The only MD in the state who is trained in this

emerging field of science, is Dr. Wezensky, here in GJ.

He testified in the state legislature in Mar. about the

damaging effects of the chemicals used in the oil and gas

industry, helping to get the recent legislation in

place. In all their recommendations for spraying there is

no EPA measurement of what is a safe dose of pesticide

for the MCS individual. A person with MCS is not taken

into consideration when determining/calculating the

acceptable doses and risks of exposures. The individual

genetic and ability of citizens to detoxify chemicals are

not included in their assumptions. If, as found in a

study published in 2003, about 10% of the population has

MCS, but there's not 10% of the population sick from West

Nile, which poses the greater risk?!


Good luck!