Anti-cancer diet

My own cancer diet and protocol which I started when I had stage 4 breast cancer in 1989.

EVERYTHING ORGANIC (third party certified)

Only Eldorado Spring Water bought in #2 plastic for all drinking and cooking.

For breakfast:

Heaping tablespoon of chaparral, dried leaves (buy bulk from Frontier Herbs).  Crunch down dry and wash down with 2 heaping tablespoons of Spirulina (Now brand) in 8 oz. of room temperature Eldorado Springs water (buy only in #2 plastic).  Spirulina should be sun dried.

Daily teas:

1.  Bancha twig tea

2.  Heaping tablespoon each of the following:

Dandelion root (decoction – simmer 30 min.)

Comfrey root (decoction – simmer 30 min.)

Echinacea root (Angustifolia)- (decoction – simmer 5 to 15 min.)

Burdock root (decoction – simmer 30 min.)

½ tsp. to 1 tsp. of Yellowdock Root (decoction- simmer 5 to 15 min.)

3.  Cloves (1 tsp.) (infusion – steep 5 to 15 min.)

4.  Dissolve 1 tsp. of Bentonite Clay or French Green Clay in 8 oz. Eldorado Spring Water and put in sun.  Drink 24 hrs. later.

Take 1 capsule daily:

a.  probiotic (or miso, 1 tbsp., or raw sauerkraut, 1 tbsp., or raw Kim Chee, or 2 tbsp. Soy yogurt)

b.  L-Glutathion


d.  Turmeric, ¼-1/2 tsp.


e.  Nature’s Plus Immune Action

f.  Coenzyme Q-10  (Solgar brand) (Take 5 hrs. from L-cysteine, L-glutathione, and Vitamin C)

g.  Germanium (Jarrow brand)

h.  Calcium citrate

i. Magnesium citrate (1/2  the amount of calcium)

j.   Kelp (1 or more tablets daily)

k.  Vitamin D (vegetarian), 800 mg

l.  (Natrol)  Ester-C, 1 heaping tablespoon four times a day (80,000 mg) OR time released Vitamin C (2000 mg. a day).

m.  Vitamin B-12 (Now brand)

For food:

Millet or sometimes buckwheat

Ground flax seeds, ground fresh daily, not heated

Green peas

Collard greens, preferably raw

Other leafy greens, e.g., dandelion greens (raw)

Beets, including raw beet greens

Apples, including seeds and skin

Grapefruit, including seeds

Lemon, including seeds and skin



 Thyme, dried or fresh (do not heat thyme, but sprinkle on cooked food after taken off the heat).

Seaweed, Dulce and Wakame

After three years cancer free I added amaranth (vegetarian source of scalene), quinoa, pumpkin seeds (raw) , sorrel (raw), and sprouted garbanzo beans, cooked or powdered garlic and onions; cooked and sprouted lentils, ground sesame seeds,  sunflower seeds (raw), almonds (raw), avocado (raw).  (I haven’t had cancer for 28 years and am post-menopausal and don’t have to avoid the estrogenic like activity of plant sterols of some of these added foods.)

I also take 7 capsules each of the following herbs one day every week: 

a.  Wormwood (organic, Wild Harvest)

b.  Black Walnut Hulls (Now brand)


I took copper and selenium for 1 ½ years when fighting breast cancer, but have never taken them since then.  I also made tea for a few years made from chaste tree berries, after I was cancer free three years and going through menopause – to balance my hormones, but haven’t done this for at least fifteen years.

I also wash all my clothes in Borax, Baking Soda, and NSF certified bleach (available at Pool Supply stores).

I use Tom of Maine toothpaste and deodorant.

I avoid anything made with petroleum or alcohol.

I don’t smoke or ever drink alcohol.

I avoid all electromagnetic fields and microwaves (including cell phones and cell towers and wireless internet and any high power lines and any broadcast antennas).

My TV (20 in.) and computer monitor are LCD and I sit four feet from my hard drive and monitor and 20 feet from my TV.

I have radon mitigation on my house.

I have no carpet or rugs on my floors which can trap permethrin.


Foods containing vitamin B-17: 

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Nutrition for Vegetarians is really information about a plant-based diet with no animal products of any kind.